Interior Inspirations – The Hottest Interior Design trends for Fall and Winter 2018

The fall is coming and winter right behind it and with the changes in season will come the need to also make changes and updates to your home’s interior to make sure that your home is stylish and elegant. Many people get confused about what the new trends and colors are, so here is a list of what is hot in interior design for 2018.

Fall’s Hottest Colors

Fall is always a time when warmer and more inviting colors become prevalent and this year is no exception. The season will typically offer a color in the orange pallet and for winter and fall 2018 season the hottest colors are brass, gold, copper and maple. These colors create warmth, elegance and a sense of inviting when used in an interior. They combat the cooling weather and provide a great foundation to design rooms with sophistication and beauty.

These colors also lead to the increased use a darker palettes that offer richness and a cozy feel to the rooms in your home. Think purple, blues, greys and deep browns and greens. Focus on creating moody and layered expensive looks that enchant. The look extends to the furniture. Wall coverings and flooring which is often deep carpet throw rugs in these dark shades.

Lots of Texture

Texture has gone mainstream this fall in interior design. You will see texture on everything from wall coverings, to furniture to accessories that fill the rooms throughout the home. The most popular effect is layering unusual textures on top of and against other contrasting textures creating new and bold looks.

The 1980s are Back

The 80s was an era of excess in the world of fashion that included big loud clothes, shoulder pads and ruffled shirts and blouses. This year the 1980s have come back around in home interior design with retro lighting fixtures that includes neon, flamboyant intricate wall and floor covering patterns and in your face color combinations. This is being combined with retro furniture and vintage art pieces to create character and uniqueness. The look if done correctly is old and new and sets new standards for cool.

The Return to Simple

For a while now organized clutter was the hot thing with rooms bursting with stuff and often creating a conundrum of how to get people into and out of a room without running into so much stuff. Well fall and winter 2018 is seeing the return of the minimalist style and a clean airy look. Space has actually become a large part of the room and monochrome colors can dominate again.

Animal Skin

Leather comes and goes in interior design and in the fall and winter of 2018, it is definitely a hot topic. Expect to see lots of leather couches, chairs, and even tables and lamp shades. You might see them in natural colors or in exotic shades that are the centerpiece of a room. Here people are taking chances and pushing the envelope to create different looks that are both warm and elegant.

The fall and winter of 2018 offers lots of new and exciting looks for interior design. Use these ideas to create rooms that will be conversation pieces and also new levels of comfort for you and your family. And whichever look you pick make sure to insure your purchases with Chill Insurance. They will cover all of your belongings in the event of a disaster or theft.

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Ariana Ostrow
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