Good Reasons to Let Your Son Go to the Prom

Your son has just shocked you by asking you to let him go to the prom. You may have had a feeling that this was coming because you realize that that time of year was approaching and some of the other parents have been discussing it with you already. But still it caught you off-guard that he had the courage to actually ask you. He’s also asking that he borrow the car that night.

Although he’s a good boy and it’s never really gotten into trouble, it’s worrying that he would want to take on so much responsibility at such a young age. However he is 18, and takes good care of himself, and 18 year old seniors in high school do go to proms and your son is an average high school senior.

As you go over everything in your mind, it is important to note that there are some really good reasons to let your son go to the prom. Here are a few to consider as you mull things over.

He Gets a Chance to Dress Like a Man

High School proms are great for getting kids to want to dress up. Your son will likely request that you buy for him the most handsome suit that you can find to match with his date’s long prom dress. He is right to worry because young ladies will go out of the way to select a prom dress that is stunning and makes them look gorgeous. You some needs to look like he belongs standing by her side.

One way to look at him wanting to dress so nicely is that perhaps you can get him to dress up more nicely on a regular basis once he sees how good he looks in a suit. Also he’s likely to get lots of compliments particularly from his date about how good he looks, and this can certainly help with you trying to improve a style of dress.

He has to Take on a Big Responsibility

Being the young man on a prom date is a big responsibility. He must get a corsage for his date, get to her house on time, convince her parents that he is worthy, drive without getting into any car accidents or getting any tickets, not indulge in any alcohol, get her back home safely, and finally get himself and the car returned back to you at a decent hour.

This is likely one of the biggest responsibilities he’s had to take on and if he is coming to you, he feels ready. This gives you an opportunity to have a conversation with him about what you expectations are. Let him know that you expect him to be responsible and the perfect gentleman and that the young lady is putting her life in his hands and he needs to respond appropriately. He also should be told that his behavior will be monitored by the chaperones at the event and you will be in contact with them to make sure that he acted respectfully.

If your son is responsible and will take the responsibility of this evening seriously, letting him go to the prom might be the start of him turning into a wonderful young man.

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Ariana Ostrow
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