How To Wear Flannel Without Looking Boring 

Flannel is one of the universal looks of the fall time. Often when we think of flannel, we would imagine a cozy look that was made to savor the season of falling leaves. Truly, flannel is a classically comfortable look. But as we’ve come to accept, comfortable doesn’t mean boring or plain. Most wouldn’t think of flannel as an eye-catching wardrobe piece, but when paired with the right accessories and style, flannel can be absolutely fabulous.

1. Make a statement at the back: Your usual flannel top is a plain, buttoned-down affair. However, it doesn’t have to be. One of the easiest ways to turn the flannel look on its head is to buy (or DIY) a flannel shirt with embroidery, patterns or simply phrases printed at the back. It could be a powerful statement (like ‘music is the answer’), an embroidery of the peace symbol or simply a large motif. Such designs at the back of flannel top give the look an edge and are anything but boring. Printed tops are forever in style and with flannel, you can embrace the art of making a statement.

2. Wear over a more elaborate top: Flannel button-downs are often used as jackets and when put over an equally plain top or camisole, the whole look comes off as plain. The best way to prevent this is to pair the flannel button-down over an eye-catching shirt. This could be printed a top or a patterned top. The most common choice is to pair the flannel with a black top with a lot going on in front. It could able be done with a bolder color or a top with an eye-catching cut (like a strapless top or crop top) This gives the best of both worlds as you get the excitement of a more elaborate top and the calm tone of flannel.

3. Get the Leather Look: Flannel when done right can look amazing when paired with leather. This could mean a flannel top and leather trousers, leather skirts or with a leather jacket. These days, a number of designers are even making flannel shirts with leather detailing such as sleeves, collars, and pockets, just to show how well the two can complement each other. The look is a perfect meeting of edgy and subtle in just the right amounts. Depending on the type of leather item it is paired with, it can work for daytime, night time and even for the office.

4. Flannel shirt-dresses: Who says flannel has to be in form of a shirt? Flannel shirt-dresses often stop right above the knee and by themselves are very lovely to look at. The trick to really engage the look is your footwear. Thigh-high boots are the most popular choice, along with others such as sneakers and even heels. The short-dress can be worn loosely or paired with a belt at the waist for added style. This look works perfectly for both day and night time (largely depending on the shoes and accessories).

5. Other Colors: When most people think of flannel, they tend to envision the classic maroon colored-shirt. However, flannel doesn’t have to be restricted to maroon. There is literally every color in the world for flannel: blue, black, pink, green etc. One very unique flannel look is fading flannel. This involves the traditional flannel pattern being boldly printed usually at the top of the fabric then ‘fading’ to white or black towards the bottom. If there was ever an interesting way to wear flannel, that is it.

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Ariana Ostrow
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