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It seems like only a few years ago when experts were promising that we would be spending much less time working. However, most of us today are working longer hours which means spending more time away from our families and in our offices.

These additional office hours are exacting a high toll on the majority of us. Because business moves so fast today and we are being asked to respond more quickly and do more in shorter periods of time, many of us suffer from stress-related problems. These include high blood pressure, and heart-related issues. We are also sitting at our desks when we eat and this can cause digestion issues they can also turn into illnesses and obesity. We are also spending record numbers of hours sitting which brings on the number of health problems.

The medical community has issued many warnings about our office related behaviors and is very concerned about our overall health as we attempt to keep up with our business needs.  Many companies today are doing all they can to respond positively to these challenges.

They are creating better and healthier work environments for the workers and encouraging them to adopt different more healthy behaviors. Here is a description of how office ergonomics is being used to promote the good health of office workers today.


Ergonomics is defined as the study of people in their working environments. An ergonomist is someone who designs or modifies the work or work environment to fit the comfort and good health of the worker. With so many people sitting longer in one position often in sub-standard chairs and at desks that are not built for the human form, an ergonomist’s goal is to eliminate discomfort and risk of injury due to the working environment. Workers needs are the first priority in analyzing the work environment

The Ergonomic Office

The furniture at work has been designed over the years for efficiency and effectiveness. If it also is comfortable and healthy for office workers, that has been typically an unintended bonus. Since worker health was not a priority employees have suffered while working on traditional office desks, desktop computers and sitting in office chairs. Many companies have hired ergonomists to purchase office furniture that supports the good health of their workers.

Today with little effort, I have found can find office chairs that have ideal back support and that promote good posture. Additionally I have found ergonomic office desks that are built so that they don’t put unnecessary strain on the arms and lower spine. Computer keyboards announce built so that they do not create carpal tunnel syndrome in those who do lots of typing on them. And computer monitors that emit less radiation leading to healthy workers.

The result is that the workers take fewer sick days and efficiency and effectiveness has increased. Every company needs to invest in ergonomically healthy office furniture, because it will increase their bottom line.

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Ariana Ostrow
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