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Unless you’ve been blessed with flawless skin, foundation of some shape or form is likely a part of your daily make-up routine. Our cover-ups come in many forms and it might seem like it’s a random choice which one to select – they all do the same thing, right? Essentially, yes, but the coverage and benefits (and drawbacks) of different types of foundations change based on the form it comes in, how it’s applied, and what other characteristics and ingredients your product features. Some of this is personal preference, but

Most of the time, makeup is put on to make ourselves look very different from our bare selves. Countless minutes and resources are spent trying to transform ourselves into more glamorous versions of ourselves. In recent times, however, one makeup look that has really gained traction is the no-makeup makeup look. So, what is the  no-makeup makeup? This is the concept of applying makeup in such a way that the final product is extremely natural-looking, to the point that whether or not we are wearing makeup is up for debate. It is designed to be

Back in September, Rihanna launched her highly-anticipated Fenty beauty line. The line was two years in the making and consisted of foundation, contour sticks, highlighter, primer, and gloss. Launched in Sephora in New York, it immediately set social media on fire and gained universal acclaim. From beauty bloggers to everyday customers, everyone had nothing but good things to say about Fenty. Here are 1o things we love about Fenty Beauty. 1.       The diversity of the foundations: For years, many women, particularly women of color had bemoaned the lack of diversity in foundation shades. It