Jack Elway talks about the “easiest” health tips to implement to get to the top of your game

As anyone who has visited an NFL game will testify, this is a platform where individuals in absolute peak condition are competing. This is certainly the case for Jack Elway, who was a household name for many years.

There’s no doubt that a lot of the work these guys invest is tough, and something that the Average Joe just wouldn’t be able to comprehend. At the same time, there are some so-called “easy” elements to their lifestyle, which a lot of people don’t even consider.

Therefore, if you are someone who is slogging away at the gym and making a real effort to fine-tune your body, this guide is for you. We’ve tapped into Elway’s knowledge to find out the easiest things you can implement into your lifestyle to truly multiply the results.

Make sure you get enough shut eye

We said the steps within this guide were easy, didn’t we? This first point is all about getting enough sleep.

This is something which might raise a few eyebrows, but umpteen studies have shown over the years that the country just doesn’t sleep enough. We are a long way below the average which experts recommend – and this can have a whole host of repercussions.

For the budding athlete, this is the period in which your body starts to repair itself. All of the hard work in the gym comes to a head here; it’s where your muscles start to rebuild and it’s absolutely crucial for development. Without adequate sleep, you just don’t get this development; whilst it goes without saying that you wake up very tired the next day which isn’t going to do your next workout many favors.

Give yourself an adequate number of rests

As we all know, exercise can be addictive. It sounds strange initially, but once you get into the swing of things it can be difficult to stop.

This is the point in which your success and improvement can really hinge though. If you don’t give your body enough rests during sessions, it’s not going to give it enough time to recover (see the previous point). Not only that, but your muscles and bones can start to become under too much strain, which can eventually lead to injuries.

Try and give yourself at least a day off a week. It will make your progress much more efficient.

You can eat fats

This final point is going to be music to a lot of ears. The F-word is something that is frowned upon by so many quarters, but there are “good types” of fat that you really should tap into.

Olive oil and avocados are some of the common examples, and by tapping into such foods you can supercharge your testosterone levels. As we all know, higher amounts of testosterone can help your muscles grow quicker than ever before and in bid to get that NFL body, this is exactly what you need.

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Ariana Ostrow
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