Germs Around the House

Our homes are where we live, eat, play, and sleep. Are spouses and our children are there & they interact with and touch everything in the home. The majority of us consider ourselves very clean and look to remove any obvious dirt in our homes, particularly if it is in an area where there is young children or food.

In spite of our cleanliness habits, the majority of us know that the surfaces in our homes carry lots of germs, many of which can make us very sick. To avoid getting sick, we need to do certain things around our homes that help us avoid interacting with so many germs.

Wear Gloves for Certain Tasks

Certain things that we do around the home put us in direct contact with lots of dangerous germs. Unfortunately we often do not give these tasks that bring us in contact with the germs enough serious consideration.

One great example is food preparation. Room temperature meat is swimming with bacteria that can cause sickness and even sometimes death. If we are preparing meet, we need to always wear disposable gloves. The bacteria from the meat will be transferred to anything that we touch, so if we touch our faces surfaces in and out of the kitchen, other people in our family, that bacteria will be transferred to them and then potentially anything they touch.

We should invest in Brosch disposable nitrile gloves, And anyone preparing food in the kitchen should wear the gloves when they do. When they’re finished, they should immediately dispose of the gloves.

The bathroom is another area where we need to be concerned about germ transfer. The sink, toilet, and even shower is swimming with bacteria from dead skin and other materials that has been deposited on these bathroom fixtures. If you are cleaning your bathroom, you should wear disposable gloves during this process. Here again, you should dispose of the gloves when you are finished and before you leave the bathroom. This will minimize or eliminate transferring any bathroom base bacteria around your home or on any of your family members.

Wash Our Hands Regularly

Wearing gloves is a primary way to reduce or eliminate the transfer of bad bacteria and other germs around your home. For the times when you are not wearing gloves, you’ll also likely be touching things and moving bacteria from place to place as well. To reduce the additional transfer of bacteria and other germs, you and your family should get in the habit of washing your hands regularly. Use a gentle bacterial soap that has a conditioning agent so your hands will not dry out, and make it a habit to wash your hands every hour or so.

adopting these cleanliness habits around your home will likely take some time for your family to do consistently, but it is worth taking on the effort because it will help your family to be healthier and safer.

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Ariana Ostrow
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