With Ewig221, take the first step in helping to save the environment

The ideal flip-flops for protecting the environment and your feet

Try to estimate how many pairs of shoes the US population throws out each year. 300,000,000 pairings. In landfills, the shoes take 30 to 40 years to decompose. However, discarded shoes are not the only polluting factor. When mass quantities of shoes are made, industrial fumes and toxins from leftover dyes pollute the environment. Is there a way for us to preserve the greenery of our planet?

Here is a sustainable flip-flop that will help the environment: Ewig221. Ewig221 is entirely recyclable because it is made of TPE material, which can be melted down and used again. The flip-flops’ modular design makes assembly and disassembly simple. Easily substitute the broken part to keep wearing the shoes. Additionally, the production process uses no chemicals, such as glue or other such substances, which is also good for the environment. Ewig221 is durable. The Ewig221 flip-flop strap is robust and able to withstand the physical force of even the strong individuals.

You can protect the environment and show the world your personality with Ewig2121. There are five colors available: orange, blue, beige, creamy white, and black. The color of each shoe’s component may be customized to fit your personality. You’ll think you don’t need to buy any more shoes because it feels like you already have a lot of pairs. The promised financial assistance for the color customization add-ons will be donated to the Eden Project (nongovernmental organization).

A heel cushioning system is built into the heel section of the product to absorb the impact of the heel from continuous walking, and the product’s sole is designed with an arch to keep the foot comfortable even when worn for a long time. If your foot health is important to you, Ewig221 is a good choice. Due to its detachability and availability in products with different levels of elasticity, you may modify the heel cushion to the required level of elasticity.

You can support Ewig221 project on Kickstarter, your very own unique pair of flipflops that can rescue the planet.

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Ariana Ostrow
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