5 Unusual Lip Colors to Try

Our lip obsession has officially reached fever-pitch. From Kylie Jenner’s lip kits to endless tutorial videos that dominate YouTube, lip colors have never been a bigger deal. Some colors have always been in style. When you think of classic styles, you think of the classic red lip, pink and nude. However, there is a whole world of under-appreciated lipstick shades that are absolutely gorgeous. Being the fall time, there is no better time to try out a new, unusual lip color. Out of the many amazing shades, some of the best are below:

1.       Gray: Back in July, Gigi Hadid caused quite a stir when she stepped out wearing gray lipstick. We’ll admit, the color is quite weird and depending on the outfit it’s paired with, can look quite off. However, gray has a slight futuristic element to it. The benefit of this is that when the lipstick is worn with a metallic outfit or silver accessories, it can be quite interesting. Plus, Halloween is right around the corner, it’s perfect for those channeling a space-themed costume.

2.       Yellow: Being the season of falling leaves, it’s the perfect time to rock yellow lipstick. Yellow is a very tricky color to pull off as it can appear almost clownish if used wrongly. Be sure to use concealer on the lip before applying. Yellow is obviously not an everyday lip color but is absolutely amazing for concerts, festivals and nights out. For Halloween, yellow lipstick will come in handy for those trying to rock the minion look.

3.       White: There’s something about white lipstick that is oh so glamorous. Popularly used in photo shoots and magazine spreads, this look can be brought into everyday life when you’re trying to add a bit of drama to the mix. The most dramatic way would be as part of an all-white ensemble. Because it’s such an underused color, it is very eye-catching. So, put on the white and channel your inner show queen.

4.       Sky blue: While regular blue shades like navy blue have made the transition to the mainstream, sky blue is the unused little sister in the blue family. Perhaps it’s because it is one of the brightest shades available. The shade works best when the entire outfit is bright. Alternatively, it can be used as the focal point of the entire outfit by pairing it with a   white.

5.       Gold lipstick: No longer confined to the pages of magazines and ad campaigns, gold is being taken to real life. The ultimate night outlook, it can work either as a glossy or matte look. This can be topped off with a glitter finishing. It is often paired with gold dresses for the ultimate gold combination.


Lipstick choices don’t have to be safe or conventional. With these unusual but amazing lipstick choices, you will be well on your way to looking unusually fabulous.


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Ariana Ostrow
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