5  Horror Movie Icons To Channel This Halloween

In a few weeks, Halloween will be upon us again. Anticipated and planned weeks and months in advance, Halloween is that time to dress up as literally anything. From fairies to ghosts and ghouls, the list is endless. It’s also the time where there is the biggest demand for horror movies which are an integral part of Halloween itself. Many choose to dress up as horror movie villains and characters, of which there are a lot to choose from. Some of the best are below:

1.       Samara Morgan: Antagonist of the movie ‘The Ring’, Samara Morgan gave many chills in the movie theaters and nightmares for days. Samara embodies the classic trope of ‘pale young girl in white wearing a white dress with long black hair which obscures her face’. The look would require quite a bit of power to get the pale complexion down, but it’s sure to be a scene-stealer. Some choose to put a twist on the look by smearing red paint on themselves. Either way, the look is timeless.

2.       Valak: When the character of ‘Valak’ was introduced in ‘The Conjuring 2’, horror and Halloween were never the same. Previously, nun Halloween costumes were a sexy take on the traditional religious attire. With Valak, the nun costume is given a demonic appearance. As with Samara, a ghostly pale appearance is part of the ensemble. Contact lenses are also recommended to get the dark effect of Valak’s eyes. Unlike Samara, the face isn’t obscured by hair and so it’s more frightening.

3.       Annabelle: Few things are as unsettling as Annabelle the doll which has been featured in the Conjuring universe. Arguably one of the most famous horror movie dolls, she is one of the most recognizable and a great choice to dress up as. The doll’s appearance is pretty straight-forward: Pale face with pink cheeks, hair in pigtails and a classic doll dress. The trick to pulling off the Annabelle look is the dead look in her eyes (contacts might help) and the plastic, creepy style. When the look is perfected, it is just as fascinating as it is creepy.

4.       Carrie White: Prepare to get bloody. Carrie White (from the ‘Carrie’ movies and novel by Stephen King) has become a legend in her own right and once you show up in her iconic red dress with fake blood all over you, everyone will get the reference. Complete the look with her blank stare from the Prom massacre scene, and you’re all set to go.

5.       Pennywise: Most of the items on the list have been female. But as a quick social media search will tell you, the Pennywise look can be done by both men and women. Pennywise terrorized an entire generation of kids and is the king of creepy clowns. Whether you’re going for the original look or the re-imagined look from the new movie, Pennywise is a winner.

This Halloween is the Halloween to channel horror movie icons, and there are a lot of them to go around and let your imagination run wild.


Ariana Ostrow
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