Top Places That You Shouldn’t Miss In Scottsdale

Don’t want to miss any of the cool places in Scottsdale? Whether you want to relax, do something interesting, or just snap a few Instagram shots, be sure that there are lots of nice-looking spots for you.

Travelers like Scottsdale because it has a whole variety of activities for everyone. If you seek for adventures, you can go hiking around the desert. If you want to sit back and relax, there are lots of bars to visit. And let’s not forget all those luxurious spas that Scottsdale is famous for.


It is easy to find the thing that works for you. Don’t miss to check the top places!

Desert Botanical Garden

You can spend up to several hours checking all the beautiful desert flowers. Despite learning new things, this is the place where you can have fun with music and drinks too. Check it out for any upcoming events during the time of your visit. You might get lucky!

Odysea Aquarium

If you love to explore sea life, then this is the place to head to. Many of the animals there are rescued, so now they are safe and secure. You will love that everything is presented in a highly engaging way. Make sure that you check the working hours of the day that you want to visit.

Pinnacle Peak Park

If you want to hike and enjoy the mesmerizing mountain scenery, this is the place to head to. The moderate hiking trail will give you some nice views over the desert. But, keep in mind that you can go through only on foot. No bikes are allowed. The place has information boards, restrooms, and water fountains.

Old Town

This is the place that you shouldn’t miss, as there are lots of things going on. You can find people shopping for local produce, engaging in a conversation in the local bars, or dining in fine restaurants. Make sure that you don’t miss the happy hour specials in Scottsdale.

Instagrammable places

If you can’t go away without snapping a few Insta shots, don’t worry. There are lots of places that are famous for Instagrammers. They are so charming, so no one could miss taking a picture. In the Old Town, you can find the famous wall mural with sunset and cacti. Ruze Cake House is also a popular place, where you can enjoy something sweet too. The Sugar Bowl is an ice cream shop with an all-pink interior that is so Instagram-worthy. The Canal Club has both photogenic foods and interior.

Papago Park

It is a small and vibrant park with a few lakes. You can enjoy the sight of the mountains and enjoy nature too. The Hole In A Rock is an iconic spot that you can check.

A spa

You can’t miss visiting a spa in Scottsdale. There are so many luxurious resorts, so you have to indulge in a day of relaxation and enjoyment. You can have a massage, treatments, or just lay down beside one of their pools.

Ariana Ostrow
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