Avoid These Mistakes & Save More On Their Fall Wardrobe

Summer may not be over just yet, but there is no reason why we cannot begin to look ahead to fall, and start thinking about what fashion choices we will make. Being fashionable is hard enough as it is, without the additional worry of finances which most of us have. If you are concerned about your finances generally, speaking to a direct online loan lender may help you to bridge the financial gap.

Of course if we were spoiled with riches then we would be less worried about fashion, as we could buy what we wanted, and when we wanted. The majority of us however, need to be smart when it comes to fashion and make sure that we make smart choices both from a fashion, and a financial sense. This is not to say however that you cannot look fashionable on a budget, you most certainly can and fall is one of the best seasons to do so. The key to looking great is to avoid these mistakes, do that and you’ll be just fine.

Failing to Plan

The problem with many people is that they fail to really plan what kind of things they will be wearing during fall, which can result in a lot fo spontaneous purchases, which don’t have much reason behind them. We have all been guilty of picking up an item without any real plan on when or how we will wear it, and even if you do find a way to wear it, it is likely to have been horseshoed into a piece. The key to budgeting is spending money on great items that you want for a particular outfit, plan ahead and this becomes far easier.

Single Use Pieces

When you are on a  budget you should avoid spending any significant money on single use pieces. Instead of this, you should be looking for items which have more than one use, and can be combined with a variety of colors and styles. For example a pair of skinny jeans can be worn with boots, flats or heels, coats, vest tops or even under skirt. On the flip side, a fall dress may look beautiful, but they can be very limited in their styling options. Be sure that you are on the lookout for multi-use pieces.

Buying New

This is not to say that buying new is a bad thing, it certainly isn’t, but this time in the summer is the perfect time to pick up second hand pieces which will look great. What usually happens is that people have a clear out at the turn of the year, or in springtime, come the beginning to the middle fo September, the fall garments which have been donated at the beginning of the year, start to get snapped up. You however, can get ahead of the curve now, and get some great second hand clothes from vintage stores and charity shops, which will both boost your wardrobe, and your budget. Fall styles don’t often change much from year to year, so you are bound to find something that fits in well with whatever is a la mode.

Avoid these mistakes and you can keep your fashionista status, in spite of your financial status.

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Ariana Ostrow
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