Ask anybody what their top training goal is, and more likely than not they will say abs – a great 6 (or 8) pack, a toned stomach and something to show off on the beach. Those that have them will certainly show them off and be proud, and quite rightly so, they will also be the envy of every other person in the gym. But how to attain this goal? Is it simply having the flexible gym day and monthly pass, of course not! Rather it is the one sign

If you were to picture a luxury European break then the south of France is usually the first place that comes to mind. Along this magnificent coastline there are some beautiful places to explore which offer you the highest level of luxury. One destination that I was fortunate enough to visit last year was Marseille, a truly beautiful city with so much to see and do, especially if you are looking for a luxury break. The key to making this a luxury stay is to arrive in style with a

Tired of the same old start to a New Year? Nothing gets a new year off to a great start than spending New Year’s Eve in a fabulous location. London is world famous for its New Year’s Eve celebration and fireworks display. London provides a unique miss of old world charm, new world-class dining, and some of the world’s best shopping. Now is the time to book the perfect apartments and plan to start your 2018 in jolly London. Fireworks London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display is world-famous for a

The phrase “postcode lottery” is often bandied about, particularly in terms of the provision of health services within the UK. Those patients seeking access to NHS mental health services are the latest participants in this grim lottery, according to work carried out by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. They have crunched the numbers; the data itself mined from NHS Digital, and have come to the worrying conclusion that there is significant difference in the availability of access to acute mental health services and professionals right across the UK. For example,

  Shopping can be a challenge. If you have someone on your list this winter who loves martial arts, don’t be discouraged. They’ll get a “kick” out of these gifts. Read on to find out solutions to this shopping dilemma. Martial Arts Travel Probably the best possible gift for anyone who loves martial arts is the chance to do more of it. Martial arts travel combines intensive training they wouldn’t be able to receive at home with exposure to a new culture and sightseeing. Experienced enthusiasts can take the next

In the event you think your boyfriend may be proposing to you, do you have an idea of what your answer will be? For many women in this position, the answers more times than not will be yes. Stop for a moment and think about if you are ready to become engaged. Is it something you’ve been dreaming of? Will you start planning a wedding once he pops the question and you answer yes? Do you want an engagement party after you have your ring? As you can see, there

A new season has come, and everyone is interested to know what the newest and hottest trends of this season will be. Some classics have returned with a refreshing new twist and some new daring trends have also sparked our interest. Here you can read about Ellisons most popular Autumn/Winter 2017 trends for nails, hair and eyes. Nail trends Nails can be a small but very important touch that adds character to your overall style. Neutral nail tones such as soft pink and grey have always been a popular classic

If any of you ladies are getting married then you will no doubt have one eye on the bachelorette party, and the celebration of your last days of freedom. Over the years, it was the men who held the crazy and eccentric events for their bachelor parties, but now us ladies are really upping our game. In my experience, the best thing to do for a party like this is to get away from it all and let your hair down. If you plan on taking a trip away to

We love to travel to see the world, experience new things, and enlarge our horizons, but one of the most important things that we love to do is shop. Canada has some amazing shopping experiences. It has high-end stores, wild marketplaces, farmers markets, and some of the largest malls in the world. So plan out that visit and get a base for your shopping trip with some Canada vacation rentals and let’s bring out that shopaholic in you. 1. Yorkville-Bloor One of the quaintest high-end shopping areas that you must

Most of the time, makeup is put on to make ourselves look very different from our bare selves. Countless minutes and resources are spent trying to transform ourselves into more glamorous versions of ourselves. In recent times, however, one makeup look that has really gained traction is the no-makeup makeup look. So, what is the  no-makeup makeup? This is the concept of applying makeup in such a way that the final product is extremely natural-looking, to the point that whether or not we are wearing makeup is up for debate. It is designed to be

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