Top 5 Fall Hairstyles

Fall, like every other season, has its own fashion. It has its own skincare. Even its own hair. Besides the loose, bouncy tresses of the summertime, fall can be beautifully embraced with its own hair. Here are some of the best hairstyles for fall.

1. The messy bun: Once upon a time, the messy bun was just that: a bun you put very little effort into and was you sported when you wanted your hair out of your face for a day of sitting at home and watching TV. Now, the messy bun is stylish, takes a lot of effort (there are literally dozens of tutorial videos that recommend various products to achieve the look) and is the signature hairstyle for ‘laid back but stylish’. The fall time is one of the best times to rock the look. The cool breeze fluttering through the hair helps create a nice effect.

2. Braids: Wants your hair away from your face? Not everyone digs the messy bun effect of hair fluttering around the face. As an alternative, braids can come in very handy. They keep hair out of your face and have a whimsical feel to them. Plus, there are so many ways to wear braids.There’sthe classic all-back braid, side braids and more elaborate styles consisting of multiple braids. Whichever you prefer, braids are a hairstyle for fall thatareboth practical and beautiful.

3. Bangs: Wanna completely switch up your look this fall? New seasons are the common time to change up one’s haircut and bangs are a great way to ring in the fall time. The look is warm, cozy and seems to completely restructure the face. Every year the look comes back into season and what better time to embrace the look that at fall time.

4. Tousled waves: A quick search online for fall hairstyles will show that fall time is dominated bytousledwavy hair. Whether done withflexirods or with hair curlers, the trick is to make the curls not too pronounced. Most would recommend running your hands lightly through the hair when the curls are set. The look isn’t just restricted to fall time either. Tousled waves can be rocked In any season and look good with pretty much anything.

5. Half Top Bun: Another member of the bun family, the top bun is quite different from both the classic bun and the messy bun. The half top bun is done by partitioning the hair and creating a bun with the front (or top) part of the hair and letting the rest fall around the face. This hairstyle is notoriously tricky to pull off but with the right tools (and probably a good tutorial video) it can be achieved beautifully.

Fall time is a season of falling leaves, Halloween and unique style. The fall look is generally laid back and calm. But with these hairstyles, you can go for simple, practical, glamorous, elaborate and pretty much everything in between.

Ariana Ostrow
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