Should You Say Yes to His Engagement Proposal?

In the event you think your boyfriend may be proposing to you, do you have an idea of what your answer will be?

For many women in this position, the answers more times than not will be yes.

Stop for a moment and think about if you are ready to become engaged. Is it something you’ve been dreaming of? Will you start planning a wedding once he pops the question and you answer yes? Do you want an engagement party after you have your ring?

As you can see, there are plenty of questions for you to answer.

That said should you say yes to his engagement proposal?

Is He the Right Guy?

In trying to determine whether you should say yes or no to the proposal, here are a few things to consider:

· Relationship – First, how strong would you say your relationship is? Do you have fights along the way or you both do your best to steer clear of drama? Having a strong relationship that both of you can draw off of is important. Being there for one another will prove key more times than not. If this guy is the one for you, make sure he doesn’t get away.

· Money – What relationship does not revolve around money and whether there is enough? Assuming that this means you too, making sure the both of you are doing well enough to get married is important. Pulling two incomes together down the road can help the both of you make it. It is important that both parties discuss money and how things will go when it comes to paying bills. Of most importance, don’t let arguing over money come between you.

· Ring shopping – Did he include you on the ring selection or is this a total surprise? Some women want to go shopping with their significant other for the ring so that they can select the one they want. Others are okay with the surprise and with what he comes up with. Whether colored diamond engagement rings or other kinds, you likely get a ring you desire.

· Children – If you or your significant other has children, an engagement impacts them. Although you make the final decision, your child’s input should warrant consideration.

Moving Towards Marriage

If you do accept the proposal, there will no doubt come a time when the marriage discussion will arise.

In dealing with this, make sure to prepare for the commitment that marriage involves.

You will have some fun leading up to the marriage like a bachelorette party. That said are you prepared for when things get serious?

Among some of the important areas to cover:

· When and where to get married

· What kind of ceremony to have

· Which friends and family to invite

· Where you will love afterwards

· If one of you will be a stay-at-home parent while the other one works

By sitting down and ironing out any differences the two of you may have, things will go better more times than not.

So, if an engagement proposal is knocking on your door, what will your answer be?

Ariana Ostrow
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