Top Bachelorette Party Locations

If any of you ladies are getting married then you will no doubt have one eye on the bachelorette party, and the celebration of your last days of freedom. Over the years, it was the men who held the crazy and eccentric events for their bachelor parties, but now us ladies are really upping our game. In my experience, the best thing to do for a party like this is to get away from it all and let your hair down.

If you plan on taking a trip away to celebrate with the girls, here are some of the best locations that I have been to on bachelorette parties, perhaps I can give you some inspiration.


I have been to Austin, Texas on many occasions for various parties but when I went for the bachelorette party a few years ago, it was without doubt the best trip that I have made to the city. Austin is the home of live music and throughout the city there are bars and clubs which pump out live bands and singers each night, perfect for a party. The group that we were with for this trip all enjoyed a good drink and if that is what your group are looking for, this is the place for you.

Playa Del Carmen

Us ladies need a bit of sun and sea in our lives and that is exactly what you’ll get in the beautiful Play del Carmen in southern Mexico. This is a great place to go if you have a mixed group who enjoy different things. By day you can relax with the girls on the beach, topping up your tan and indulging in water sports, and by night you can live it up in the beach front bars and clubs. My experience in Playa del Carmen was cut short because of a delayed flight from London and I ended up arriving almost 6 hours late!

* As a side note, it wasn’t until this delay that I learned about EU passenger rights claims and how you could claim against an airline if you have been delayed for a prolonged period of time, if this ever happens to you, don’t forget that you have rights and that you could be entitled to compensation.


I grew up in Nashville and this was my adopted home for many years, because of this, I have returned on 3 occasions to celebrate the bachelorette parties of my school friends, and this is a great place to do it. Locals nickname this place Nashvegas because of what it offers visitors with casinos, live music, nightlife and beautiful hotels. Girls can book luxury apartments to stay in, spend their days pampering themselves with spa treatments and massages, and then let it all hang out on the evening on Broadway where you will find all of the action. I love Nashville because despite the size as a city, everything feels pretty close together which means an easy and super fun bachelorette party.

Where would you go for your bachelorette party? Let us know in the comments.

Ariana Ostrow
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