Mykonos, the party island of Greece

There are countless island destinations in the world and all of them have their own charm and appeal. However, not all of them have a party atmosphere you might be looking for. When it comes to island parties, the Cyclades islands in Greece are famous for their party atmosphere. Mykonos, in particular, is the Mecca of island partying and the island has made a name for itself for being Greece`s standout party capital.

Mykonos not only boasts of having fabulous bars, beaches, beach parties, diverse nightclub, intense nightlife that the world cannot just get enough of, the island is endowed with magnificent beaches, riveting natural scenes, an awesome culture, friendly locals, splendid accommodation and world-class scenery.

Bars and Nightclubs in Mykonos

If you are looking for an upscale place to party, then you should visit Mykonos. Mykonos is considered as one of the best partying and clubbing destinations worldwide. The paradise beaches, elegant nightclubs, and beach bars awash with both local and international DJs is not even intimidated by darkness-here clubbing and partying literally never stops. It`s no wonder that the island rightfully won the nickname “party island”, or the island of the feast.

Many of the shops and malls in this island remain wide open well past midnight, and the vibe and energy of the island is just on another level. Additionally, the island has a variety of entertainment joints ranging from discos, bars, clubs, live music venues, restaurants, and cafes.

Depending on your tastes and preferences, your time in Mykonos can be completely electrifying or deliciously mellow. The 24/7 nightclubs in the island cater to a glamorous lifestyle, wild party scene to the avid party animals from different countries.

Most of the bars and nightclub in Mykonos are in Mykonos Chora. Chora is the main town on the island. Here, you can find stylish entertainment joints lined along the streets of Chora.

One of the most electrifying nightlife hotspot scenes can be witnessed at the Paradise beach where there several beach clubs that line on the entire strip of the coast beach. Other famous party hotspots in the island include the Cavo Paradiso, the Tropicana, and the paradise Club Mykonos. The Scandinavian bar, which is located on the downtown side of Chora is synonymous with young tourists. The club keeps overflowing with teens gyrating to the sensational tracks played by both the local and international DJs.

Whatever happens to Mykonos, stays to Mykonos!

In Mykonos, there is something for everyone. See, the party scene in Mykonos caters to all tastes, from rock cafes, clubs, to gay bars with famous and international DJs

Speaking of gay bars, Mykonos is a hub for gay, and a gay-friendly tourist destination, thereby implying there is something for everyone. Even though the hotels are keen to stress they are “straight-friendly” the gay culture is deeply ingrained within the locals. In fact, there are several gay bars in the island, with the most prominent ones being the Pierro`s, which was renamed Voodoo.

Sure, the island homosexuality and gay bars are not hidden, but unless you`re looking for it, you may not even notice because Mykonos is a destination for all types of people from jet-setters, college student, to families

If you are single vacationer and into party mode, then be prepared to trans-night as you won`t get a wink of a sleep since the party goes on 24/7.

With the island being relatively small, with close-knit clubs, bar-hopping is a common occurrence, allowing you to visit the many bars and clubs before and after dinner.

The best part is of Mykonos is that both pleasure-seekers and local co-exist happily enough, with each party working on their different timescales.

All day party on the beach clubs

During the day, the beach clubs in Mykonos might get overcrowded, particularly during the peak season.

If you`re looking for the ultimate day beach party in Mykonos, you should consider the Super Paradise. This is a picturesque gay cove, and nudist friendly location that parties do not stop till morning.

Here, on the flat sandy beaches of Super Paradise, you can find organized facilities and water sports, perfect for A-listers.

Some of the common day beach clubs with wild party scenes include Cavo Paradiso and Tropicana.

Awarded Cavo Paradiso club

Cavo Paradiso is certainly one of the hottest party destinations in the world. Founded in 1993, Cavo Paradiso is the hub of beach partying in Mykonos and is known to organize the most amazing house music events since then. Aside from offering a beach bar, this club provides a pool and a restaurant. What`s more? The entire complex transforms into a nightclub in the late evenings.

Surrounded by the glamour of the glittering water reflecting the spray of light, this award-winning club is the chicest and coolest place to hang out during the day. You might even get a chance to bump to David Guetta, who frequents here.

Mykonos Accommodation

After extreme partying, you may want to cool your head off, have a nice shower and relax. Even though most of the accommodation joints tend to get overcrowded anytime, there are several Mykonos Villas that offers a pristine and private access to their clients. You can relax to villas in Mykonos while enjoying an exceptional culinary experience and premium concierge services.


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Ariana Ostrow
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