What Benefits Will You See After Your Breast Augmentation Op?

As someone who had been very self conscious about the size of my chest for many years, I finally decided to have something done about it. Two years ago I finally took the plunge and decided to increase my cup size and I am so happy with the results!

I didn’t undergo this procedure for vanity or to be more attractive to the opposite sex, nor because of what society thinks is fashionable or attractive, I did this for me, and I am so happy that I did. This kind of procedure is incredibly popular these days, now that the stigma no longer exists and the cost shave come down, and living in Orange County I had plenty of options in front of me. The breast augmentation OC has to offer is considered to be some of the best in the States and I was holy satisfied with the job that my surgeon did, taking me from an A to a C cup. I wanted to share some of the benefits which I have noticed since having my op, so that if you are looking at having this procedure done, you will know what you should be looking forward to.


The biggest benefit which I found after my operation, was exactly what I had been looking for when I first decided to go under the knife, confidence. In all honesty, not too many people noticed the change in size because I had always used bras with padding, and clothing which flattered my chest. For me however, I was given a huge confidence boost just walking around, getting changed, sitting in the bath or any other moment when I would look down, and just feel that little bit more confident in my body. Confidence is a huge part of who you are and if it has been dented in the past because of your chest, you can count on it coming back after your op.

Clothing Choices

As someone who was very flat chested, there were many items of clothing that I would instantly discard, knowing that they would show off too much. Since the operation however, I have fallen back in love with shopping again and have also begun to use a far wider variety of clothes. I love not having to feel disappointed when I go to the changing rooms now, and being able to flaunt a little cleavage is something that I never thought was possible.

Sex Life

I would never say that my partner and I had a bad sex life before, we never have, but it has been given a welcome shot in the arm since my surgery. I never felt self conscious in front of my partner but having the additional confidence, plus the additional couple of cups on my chest, has really boosted our bedroom activities. From a relationship standpoint, the procedure has greatly helped, in part thanks to the boost it has given our sex life, and mainly because of the additional confidence which I now have.

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Ariana Ostrow
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